Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm always with you

Why did you have to go away and leave your mommy so sad and blue?
I'm right here mommy with you always, I thought you already knew.
How come I can't see you or hold you close to me?
You do see me mommy, you just have to open your eyes and there I'll be.
I'm the sunrise in the morning and the sunset @ night.
I'm that star you see in the sky shinning o' so bright.
I'm that flower in your yard that bloomed the other day.
I'm the beautiful butterfly you stopped and watch play.
I'm that soft whisper you hear when no one's around.
I'm the warmth that heals your heart just when you begin to frown.
I'm the colorful rainbow you sometimes see right after a storm.
I'm always near you mommy, I just take many different forms.
I'm in each smile you make and kiss you give away.
I'm apart of you mommy, in every thought and word you say.
I see the tears you cry for me and hear you pray.
I wipe them away with my kisses and help you make it through the day.
We will forever be together this I know for sure.
God sent me to be with you in all that you will endure.
Mommy I wish you could see my magical set of wings.
Exquisite soft white feathers made from all of God's loving things.
I wrap them around you brining comfort and healing.
As i engulf you let go all the pain your heart is feeling.
We meet in your dreams holding hand in hand.
We walk down beaches dragging our feet in the sand.
You also have some friends up here that love you so.
They watch over you where ever you may go.
So when your feeling sad and blue and think I'm not right here.
Just look around at all the beautiful things and know I am near.

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