Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sweet Butterfly

As this weekend was quickly approaching we knew we needed to make plans to get out of town. We wanted to do something as a family...just get away for a little while. We ended up going camping with some really good friends of ours. Friends so close that we have basically given up referring to them as friends and just refer to them as family. The camping trip while extremely hot turned out to be so peaceful and relaxing. Over the course of the weekend I spent much time sitting in a chair and listening closely to the river...taking in all the beauty of everything God had created.

We arrived to the camp grounds on Friday and while we were setting up camp I was almost hit in the head by a beautiful yellow butterfly. Thinking nothing of it I just brushed it off as just something you would find in nature. Well, throughout the remainder of the day this beautiful butterfly kept flying around us. She would fly near us and then fly away but always coming back around to see us. Finally I realized it was a sign from Bryanna. Bryanna had followed us on our camping trip and was enjoying the beauty with us. She was letting us know she was ok. I was so very excited to have my little angel around.

That night as I was saying my nightly prayers I prayed to God and thanked him for giving us a sign from our little angel..little did I know she would continue to be around us for the remainder of the weekend.

Yesterday morning we went out of ice cream and again our little angel flew by. While we were eating lunch back at our camp grounds my friend told me that she was flying around my head the entire time. Later on that afternoon as we were getting ready for dinner she was flying around again. It amazed me everytime I saw her. I tried to take a picture but our little angel was much to fast. It was as if she just wanted us to know she was around but it wasn't time for a picture.

It took me a little while to realize that it was the exact same color as the butterfly at our wedding...makes me wonder if our little angel was with us from the very beginning...then it made me realize that we have been blessed by this butterfly not once but twice. Maybe its a sign I need to start collecting butterfly's! Keep a look out dear friends!

At my first empty cradle meeting we received a book mark with this poem...coincidence?? Maybe not...maybe its simply another sign from God and Bryanna...

A Butterfly
A Butterfly lights
beside us
Like a sunbeam,
And for a brief moment
Its glory and beauty
Belong to our world.
But then it flies
on again
And though we wish
it could have stayed
We feel lucky to
have seen it.
Author Unknown

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