Sunday, June 14, 2009

Gray tshirt..

I have a gray tshirt. It sits in my closet untouched and unworn for over four months. Occasionally as I'm going through my closet looking for something to wear I will rest my hands upon it for a brief moment and continue to look for something to wear. It may just be a gray tshirt to anyone else but to me it's the shirt I was wearing during my hospital stay..the shirt I was wearing when my beautiful little girl came into this world. I put the tshirt on Sunday February 8th and didn't take it off until the evening on February 11th. The tshirt was washed and hung and never worn again. It is a shirt I will most likely never be able to part with and at some point I'm sure it will end up in a box of her things. It's crazy how a piece of clothing can go from nothing special to something filled with so many memories. Today as I was sitting in church this shirt crossed my mind. Funny how memories can pop into you mind at such random times.

On a side note the first day we started going to church was about three weeks after Bryanna was born. I remember that first mass being difficult to get through. As I was sitting there in church a very pregnant woman walked in. She sat a few rows ahead of us and I about lost it when I saw her belly and watched as she lovingly touched her belly throughout mass. I wanted so badly to be in her shoe. Well, never again did I see her in church until today. She walked in with her son and her new born baby girl. Seeing her I recognized her right away, and smiled. I silently said a small prayer for her and thanked God that she was able to deliver a beautiful healthy baby. It was such an empowering moment for me. I didn't cry! I simply smiled and said the prayer. During mass when she picked up her daughter to burp her I smiled again and thought one day we will have our chance...

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