Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sweet Silver Lining

One night I was watching tv and just happened to hear this song. It was one night that I was especially missing Bryanna and the words to the song were so fitting for me..and of course made a perfect blog title so here are the lyrics for you to read.

Sweet Silver Lining
Im going home
Downhearted and hoping
Im close to some new beginning
I know
Theres a reason for everything
That comes and goes
But so many people are looking to me
To be strong and to fight
But Im just surviving
I may be weak but Im never defeated
And Ill keep believing
In clouds with that sweet silver lining
Most days
I try my best to put on a brave face
But inside
My bones are cold and my heart breaks
But all the while
Somethings keeping me safe
And alive
I wont give up like this
I will be given strength
And now that Ive found it
Nothing can take that away
*Kate Voegele

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